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   “Show Me” feature shows each step of the calculation

    Add, multiply, subtract and divide fractions.

   Perform above calculations with whole number or mixed fractions.

   Calculates for positive and negative fractions.

   Reduce answer to proper fractions.

   Find Least Common Denominator when adding and subtracting fractions.

Hello, I'm Seaghan (pronounced "Shawn"), and I am the one who was inspired to write this program.  I am ten years old.  My dad was experimenting with programming for the iPhone™ and iPod touch® when I thought, "How about I make a program that will make working with fractions easier?"  My Dad helped me by getting me a beginning programming book and writing the calculate and division functions. I wrote the multiplication, addition and subtraction functions.  I also wrote the reduce function and planned where everything would show up on the screen.  In other words, I'm really proud I wrote most of the program instead of asking my Dad to do the whole thing for me.  Not many middle schoolers write software programs and that is the main part of why I am proud to have programmed a kid-friendly application that can help anyone with an iPod touch or iPhone with fractions. 

This is no confusing calculator!  Some calculators may be able to do what this can, but they make it come out as a decimal and you will not see the fraction.  It might also come out as a jumble of numbers and slashes that are confusing to see and understand.  In middle school, you are supposed to multiply and divide fractions, not decimals.  Even when you use calculators to work with fractions, you still will have to convert it so you can read it as a fraction.  Also you can't learn about reducing fractions to their simplest form from decimals.

This iPod touch / iPhone application allows you to enter fractions the way you would normally write them on paper.  The answer is also displayed as a fraction.   All you have to do is select if you want to multiply, divide, add or subtract the two fractions and enter the fractions.  Then you touch the "Calculate" button and the answer will pop up on the screen.  If you want to reduce the answer, you simply touch the "Reduce" button and the answer will reduce itself to it's simplest form.  For further instructions, touch the "Directions" button. 

Note from "Dad":  This application is indeed entirely the idea of my son.  He is in 5'th grade and thought this program might be useful to aid similar age children in learning how to add, multiply, subtract and divide fractions.  I purchased a beginning programming book, and showed him how to use the appropriate tools to program on the iPhone and iPod touch.  He designed the layout and wrote many of the functions, as he stated.  I assisted with some refinements and some of the underlying more difficult aspects of preparing a program. 

We hope you enjoy this program as it helps you with fraction math.  Any proceeds from the sale of this program will go into Seaghan's college fund!

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Just Fractions! won Third Prize in Trifork’s DevDay for iPhone® app contest in Geneva!  We are very proud of Seaghan, who conceived of and wrote much of Just Fractions!  We thank the folks at Trifork for recognizing Seaghan and Just Fractions with this award.  See the winnners on Trifork’s web site at:  http://devdayforiphone.com/iphone-geneva-2010/

Just Fractions! has been awarded with the “Best” award from iPhoneAppsPlus.com!  We are honored, and thank the folks at iPhoneAppsPlus!


NEW!! Just Fractions 3.0!  for iPad®.

Version 3 of Just Fractions is now a Universal App, meaning it runs on your iPad® too!The new version includes a drills section where you can test yourself solving fraction problems against the clock to improve your fraction solving skills!  Just Fractions has won a number of awards and we are happy to provide this new version with enhanced functionality and educational value!

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